My charges are based on the type of content required and the amount of time it would take to complete the job. That said, the information below should provide you a general guideline of what to expect:

  • Website Content – $0.05 per word ($25/500-word post). This generally includes blog articles, opinion pieces, biography write-ups, articles for directories, product reviews, content syndication pieces, and customer testimonials. You may choose to include a by-line or have the content completely ghostwritten by me. As long as you’ve paid for the content in full, the entire rights of the written work will belong to you.
  • eBooks / Reports – $20 per page (around 400 words per page using font size 12, Arial type). The exact price will vary depending on the topic, length, type of research required (i.e. do I have to schedule and conduct interviews?), and urgency of the project. I am happy to provide pictures and screenshots wherever possible. Do note, however, that additional costs will be incurred by you for stock images.
  • Squeeze Page Copy — $50. This includes a main headline, a sub-headline, and a few bullet points. The goal of such a copy is to get your visitor to take action (i.e. enter his or her name and email address into your opt-in form), and therefore the bullet points and headlines have to be very enticing. There’s no chance for long explanation copy – everything is “above the fold”.
  • Long Form Sales Copy — $50 per page. Sales copy usually range anywhere from 5 pages to 25 pages and the basic format will include a main headline followed by 1 to 2 sub-headlines. Depending on your requirements, the story-line will intermittently be sprinkled with sub-headings as well as blocks of bullet points, including customer testimonials, a call to action (urging visitors to buy your product), a guarantee, the order form, and two Postscripts (P.S. and P.P.S).
    • Please Take Note: When writing sales letters, a copywriter only needs to use as many words as he or she can in order to successfully convey the product’s message across. This can be as short as 1 page, or as long as 50 pages. No one really knows. What you’re ultimately paying for is the ability to persuade through words — and not word count. 50,000 words of copy may not be as impactful as a cleverly written letter consisting of just 500 words. And that’s why no decent copywriter can expect to charge per word.

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