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Here are 10 benefits you immediately get when you hire me:

  • Top-notch writing to maximize marketing-communications needs.
  • Complex subjects transformed into easy-to-read pieces.
  • Engaging articles that lower psychological barriers between you and your target audiences.
  • Powerful stories leading to increased sales because they tug at the heart-strings of buyers.
  • On-time, on-budget, and on-scope editorial services.
  • Clear, open, and honest communication throughout your project.
  • Higher opt-in rates and greater brand exposure.
  • Credibility from superior quality content.
  • A professional writer who knows how to take your business to the next level.
  • Winks, high-fives, and 100% dedication to your ultimate success!

See What Some of My Clients Are Saying

[Shermaine] did a fantastic job for us! We were very well pleased and will definitely hire her again and again. She is a gem and we are happy to have her on our team.

Barbara Valentine, Two-times Emmy Award-Winning TV Host, Executive Producer (Television), Raval Media Group

Amazing article and very well written! Definitely exceeded my expectations and was exactly what I asked for... plus a very fast turnaround time. Highly recommend!

Kristin, Social Media Specialist, Tourism Authority of Thailand (North America Division)

I just finished my first project (a sales letter) with Shermaine and I have to say that she delivers high quality work. She is very professional and definitely knows what she's doing. If you are not a professional writer, I'd definitely recommend you to give her services a try because this might just change your life... and your branding/marketing for the better as well!

Pauline Hanuise, Holistic Health and Recovery Coach, Cosmopolitan's Top 5 Women in Health and Wellness,

Shermaine completely over-delivered. As it was my first time outsourcing web copy for my business, I wasn't quite sure about what information to give. I am blown away -- not only at the price of her work but more so the effort she put forth in helping me get my points across. Shermaine took her time to ask me the necessary questions until she had all of the information needed. Very professional service made me feel like I was in safe hands. I recommend her to anyone looking for a quality writer.

Dale Donnison, Owner, Crown Cleaning Specialists (Merseyside, UK)

Great price, excellent service and a pleasure to work with. If you're looking for a good content writer, check out Shermaine.

Adam Dukes, Creative Director,

Shermaine is a true writer with a clear gift to engage the reader with her words. The content she has written for me thus far were on a really mundane subject, but she was able to craft content that grasped my attention, possessed incredible fluidity and perfect grammar. She appears to be one who strives for perfection which is easily distinguished in the work she has delivered.

Ashley Hutheram, Online Affiliate Marketer, South Africa

Not only does she continue to exceed our expectations. Every job she does, I learn so much. Frankly one of the best things to happen to OUR ORGANISATION. We are forever grateful.

Steven Edwards, Executive Chairman & Creative Director, Steven Edwards Productions, Trinidad and Tobago

Why Most People Have No Idea They’re Losing Money Right Now…

That’s right. Money is being stolen from you as we speak by content mills who promise the world but all they do is charge you the world! Most "writers" are only here to make a quick buck and then it’s “Wham! Bam! Thank You Ma’am!” — they under-deliver (even on chump change rates) and then they disappear.

Time Is Money

Yes, time is money so don't spend all day editing that awful piece of work you'd just received from someone working for pennies. You could have written something that’s a hundred times better yourself… so, what's the point of outsourcing the task in the first place if it's not going to save you time anyway?

And even if some of those content mills offer unlimited revisions, do you trust them to get it right the second time? Emails going back and forth…and back and forth…time’s a-wastin’.

You see, regardless of when you decide to get yourself a new writer, time doesn’t wait. Your time is precious. Don’t waste it re-writing work which you paid for and don’t waste it again looking through Elance, UpWork, Fiverr, or whatever platforms you usually turn to to look for writers. Time is money and you’re only going to lose more of each if you don’t get your act together soon.

Quell Your Worries With Great Content and Great Service

Bad-quality content providers floating around the marketplace offer cheap and spun articles.

I, too, offer cheap editorial services and engaging articles that get spun around in the creative recesses of my mind. Same deal but two very different outcomes, don’t you think? When you go with someone else, you'll more than likely end up with shoddy work. But when you go with me, you'll get superior content.

Just take a look at some of the testimonials I've garnered over the years...

Barbara Valentine, the two-times Emmy award-winning TV host, said I'm a "gem" and she's happy to have me on her team.

Or how about Kristin, the Social Media Specialist from the Tourism Authority of Thailand (North America division), who said I definitely exceeded her expectations?

I have so many other testimonials on file from people who run mom and pop shops and online businesses. Even service providers like Mikayla, the founder of Roots and Wings Parenting Australia, said she highly recommends me because I consistently produce "fantastic work and is very prompt!"

In short, these testimonials don't just drop from the sky. I have to actually have the chops to do what I say I'm able to do before I can turn people like you into fans, friends, and repeated customers.

Now, if you’re looking for cheap and spun content from content mills, you’ll be losing money — guaranteed. But if you’re seeking for value-for-money and creative content from me, then you’ve immediately freed up your time to focus on other money-generating aspects of your business… like list-building or networking to turn cold prospects into buyers.

Lets Get Started

Everything you need to know to make up your mind is included in the FAQ section below. Better still is the fact that you can check out my writing samples in less than five minutes. Best of all, you can be on your way to getting content that converts in less than a moment…

…if you get in touch with me right now.

Email me: [email protected]

See you on the other side!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Tell Me About Yourself? +

Hi, thanks for dropping by! I’m really excited about getting to know you and what your business is all about.

While I don’t usually enjoy talking about myself, I think it’s crucial for you to know who you’re dealing with when you contract me to write for you. If you have some time to spare, you can read all about me on my personal website.

Or if you’d just like the gist of it: Prior to launching Bottom Line Writing, I worked in an integrated-marketing consultancy and serviced multinational corporations across the Asia-Pacific region. I planned, developed and executed some of the biggest communication campaigns for I.T corporations like Tandberg Asia and MasterCard Worldwide on a day-to-day basis, and helped them effectively reach their target audiences across the vast markets that comprise Asia-Pacific.

This means I’m not just some wordsmith seeking work — I’m also someone who has had the pleasure and opportunity to work alongside some of the most brilliant marketing brains of the offline world. It kinda rubs off you, ya’ know? These days, I pick apart and critique advertisements, and give mostly unwarranted verbal reviews of both good and bad marketing campaigns to the chagrin of my long-suffering and newly-wed husband.

Also, if this might help sway your hiring decision, I hold a Bachelor of Mass Communications degree in Journalism and Public Relations from Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia. I’m a trained writer, researcher, and an all-round great person to work with.

If I sound like the type of person you want working for you, get in touch with me at: [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

See you on the other side!

What Are Your Rates? +

My charges are based on the type of content required and the amount of time it would take to complete the job. That said, the information below should provide you a general guideline of what to expect:

  • Website Content – $0.05 per word ($25/500-word post). This generally includes blog articles, opinion pieces, biography write-ups, articles for directories, product reviews, content syndication pieces, and customer testimonials. You may choose to include a by-line or have the content completely ghostwritten by me. As long as you’ve paid for the content in full, the entire rights of the written work will belong to you.
  • eBooks / Reports – $20 per page (around 400 words per page using font size 12, Arial type). The exact price will vary depending on the topic, length, type of research required (i.e. do I have to schedule and conduct interviews?), and urgency of the project. I am happy to provide pictures and screenshots wherever possible. Do note, however, that additional costs will be incurred by you for stock images.
  • Squeeze Page Copy — $50. This includes a main headline, a sub-headline, and a few bullet points. The goal of such a copy is to get your visitor to take action (i.e. enter his or her name and email address into your opt-in form), and therefore the bullet points and headlines have to be very enticing. There’s no chance for long explanation copy – everything is “above the fold”.
  • Long Form Sales Copy — $50 per page. Sales copy usually range anywhere from 5 pages to 25 pages and the basic format will include a main headline followed by 1 to 2 sub-headlines. Depending on your requirements, the story-line will intermittently be sprinkled with sub-headings as well as blocks of bullet points, including customer testimonials, a call to action (urging visitors to buy your product), a guarantee, the order form, and two Postscripts (P.S. and P.P.S).
    • Please Take Note: When writing sales letters, a copywriter only needs to use as many words as he or she can in order to successfully convey the product’s message across. This can be as short as 1 page, or as long as 50 pages. No one really knows. What you’re ultimately paying for is the ability to persuade through words — and not word count. 50,000 words of copy may not be as impactful as a cleverly written letter consisting of just 500 words. And that’s why no decent copywriter can expect to charge per word.
Where Can I View Your Content Portfolio? +

Please feel free to view some of my writing samples over at this page.

*Note* Opening and Reading These Writing Samples… You’ll need a PDF Reader installed on your computer in order to read these writing samples. If you’re unable to open the attachments, please download a free copy of the Adobe PDF Reader here:

How Long Will It Take For Me To Receive My Order? +

Depending on my current workload, most orders will be delivered within three (3) days. However, projects such as writing an eBook will require more time.

The time taken to complete any work for you will therefore be pre-agreed on in writing via email between us, and before any payment is made in full or part thereof to me. The completion date may be further amended to extend its duration, provided both of us agree to it in writing via email.

Sometimes unforeseen circumstances happen but you can expect clear, open and honest communication from me at all times — if I am going to be late, you will hear from me long before the deadline.

If I miss the delivery date, you will get a 10% discount for each day I’m late.

What If I Need Revisions For Work Done? +

My fees include full research, writing, and up to five (5) rounds of partial revisions within a reasonable time-frame of five working days from the time the completed work was sent to you.

Do You Offer Any Rush Service? +

Yes, but check with me first as I may already be fully booked. There will be a 20% additional fee for rush service.

Are There Any Discounts? +

For website content, I offer a 10% discount for any orders above $200.

What Are Your Payment Terms? +

For all editorial services carried out on behalf of any client, I will require full payment to be made upfront via PayPal. You will be able to use a credit or debit card to pay via PayPal. Until all monies are paid in full or a deposit has been made, I reserve the right to not begin any work for you.

Ownership and Copyright +

Any completed works which you have paid for in full shall belong entirely to you. This includes any copyrights that pertain to the work, since the work will be “made for hire” as defined by the United States Copyright Act.

Refunds and Charge-Backs +

If you cancel a writing project after payment has been made and I’ve already started working on it (i.e. researching the topic or drafting copies), no refunds will be given under any circumstances. In the interest of protecting my time, I will not be able to issue you a refund under any circumstances whatsoever.

If you attempt to carry out a PayPal charge-back for any monies that have been paid, this will be considered as theft and fraud, and appropriate measures will be taken with the necessary authorities to recover stolen intellectual properties and/or money.

How Can I Contact You? +

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